Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Domestic Decor

I have always been a girly girl, wanting anything and everything to be PINK. I mean seriously, it's ridiculous; pink camera, pink mousepad, pink bedding, etc. I nearly cried when Apple came out with a pink ipod the week after purchasing my white one. Well, after realizing it was time to be more "mature" in my decor, I found a chartreuse green bedding set at ZGallerie. It's a solid color, no frilly prints involved, which meant I could always incorporate different colors. Think modern, fresh, happy; sophisticated yet simple. I decided to tie in various shades of green and yellow along with white and a pop of gray. This rug from Anthropologie was the perfect piece to coordinate everything:

I found fabulous pillows, dandelion flowers, patterned storage boxes and laquer frames to accent my room and bathroom. The only thing missing was lighting. After weeks of searching lampshades, my creative mother suggested that I handpaint my monogram on a white lampshade, so fun AND easy! I created the monogram on my computer, printed it out in black, taped it to the inside of the lampshade, turned on the lamp and traced the monogram. Here's how it turned out:

A collage of everything:

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