Friday, December 19, 2008

Classy Glassy!

I was SO excited when my boss asked me to design a line of wine glasses for Swoozie's! This was my first assignment to design custom products for the company that I love so much. It was amazing to see the designs come to life! After approval from our Buyer and Senior Designer, I sent the manufacturer illustrations of each design and they tranformed them into actual glasses. Here are some photos of the first batch:

Mommy's Sippy Cup Glass (before and after production)

Golferette Glass

Queen of Sole Glass

Lady of Love Glass

Wine Princess Glass


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVED these designs! You did such a fabulous job!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I absolutely love the Mommy's Sippy Cup, but they are sold out at the Swoozies nearby. Do you sell them anywhere else?